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Tai Chi Edinburgh

 Imagine Being Able To Take Back Control Of Your Health, Now You Can


"Workout From Home. No Equipment Needed!"

Taoist Yoga, provides a 30-day programme to boost your mental happiness by living a healthier and better lifestyle...

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Tai Chi Edinburgh

We Guide You Through Everything You need To Get Started 

We have helped thousands of people with their health and well-being. I'm really looking forward to getting you started on your Taoist Yoga journey.

One of the amazing things about the Kai-men yoga we teach is that anyone can get started, you don't need to be super flexible or have any fancy equipment.

There is one thing that i can guarantee you, after even four sessions you will feel more relaxed, less stressed. Your mind and body will feel years younger right away. 

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Incorporate Work-Life Balance

With Wellness And Relaxation 

We understand the everyone is really busy with work life, and sometimes its hard to find balance in your life.

Therefore our 30-Day Taoist yoga plan is designed to help you find that balance between working and finding time to relax so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

Please remember when you start to lose the balance between working and looking after yourself it's you and your health that starts to suffer.

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Long Term Health Community Over 23
Helping People

To live a healthy lifestyle. You must make sure to take care of your mind and body.

This will not only greatly enhance your helath and well-being but also your family 

One of the hardest things we face right now is being couped in the house home schooling and working from home.

This in it's self is hard, never mind looking after a house and making sure evryone around is ok. You need to make sure you are looked after as well.

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Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

Just the thing I needed!

" I absolutely love the Taoist yoga classes after working on a computer all day it's the perfect come down at night. Thanks John for all your help and guidance. You will really love the class"

I can instantly feel my body responding.

" For someone who works in a gym all day the one thing i always go to is the Taoist Yoga exercises, it's amazing how i can switch off and relax and enjoy the rest of my evening."

Love the daily routine workouts I do.

" Perfect start to my day and the best part of my day end doing Taoist  Yoga. If your looking to de-stress and keep your sanity you will love these online classes."

Guided training for beginners.

" I wasn't about doing the online classes as i have bad coordination and thought i might find it hard to follow but it's easy and i love them. Thanks John for your help and guidance."

Make Sure You...

Do 5 Mins  Daily Meditation and 15 mins of Taoist Yoga

Eat Healthy Food and Smoothie Recipes to Detox Your Body

Contact me anytime you need help and advice for Accountability

Some Myths About Doing Taoist Yoga

Let's Kickstart Your 30 Day Challenge Class Time Below

Class runs every Monday 6-7pm UK time? Just go through our 30-day program and see for yourself how much better you feel. The cost is £20.00 for 4 weeks paid monthly.

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Are You Ready To Better Your Lifestyle And Unleash Unlimited Health Benefits? If So Lets Get You Started

It just takes 30 days to change your bad habits, to change your lifestyle for the better. And here is you opportunity with a guided challenge and an ever encouraging support group! 

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